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Titanium Valves

Titanium Gr. II and 316Ti valves for Corrosive Petrochemical Applications

Titanium Valves A182 316Ti, titanium Gr. 2, B367, B381

Looking for a valve in this exotic alloy? Find it in the following configurations: Ball, Butterfly, Cast, Check, Control, Cryogenic, Custom made, Foot, Forged, Gate, Globe, Needle, Plug, and Safety relief, as well as Strainers.

Alloy Valve Stockist stocks titanium A182 316Ti, titanium Gr. 2, B367 and B381 gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, plug, needle and custom made valves. Titanium and tantalum valves are highly appreciated in the valve market for their light weight and high tensile strength. Titanium grades cover a broad range from the most common Grade 2 (or Gr. II), with Gr. 5 and Gr. 7 being relatively common and Gr. 12 as one of the rarest Titanium grades. Tantalum offers a reliable alternative to titanium when availability is scarce. Titanium valve denominations vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but might appear as T40 or T60 as well as TA6V. Some alloys mix titanium into their composition, such as Ti6Al4V. In the universal material code, titanium is presented as R50400 as well as R50550 and also under the specification R56400. DIN standards also cover a wide range of titanium grades such as 3.7034, plus the finer 3.7035. Nobler titanium is found both in 3.7164 as well as 3.7165 whilst a combination of standard stainless steel and titanium is found in A182 316Ti