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Hastelloy Valves

Hastelloy C276 and C22 valves for Corrosive Petrochemical Applications

Hastelloy C276, B3, A494 CW12MW Valves

Looking for a valve in this exotic alloy? Find it in the following configurations: Ball, Butterfly, Cast, Check, Control, Cryogenic, Custom made, Foot, Forged, Gate, Globe, Needle, Plug, and Safety relief, as well as Strainers.

Alloy Valve Stockist generally supplies hastelloy C276, B3 and A494 CW12MW gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, plug, needle and custom made valves. Hastelloy valves come in many grades, most of them defined by the Haynes Corporation. Hastelloy B2 and B3 offer extremely high corrosion and temperature resistance and tensile strength, and are difficult to machine. Hastelloy grade C-22 alloy, the norm than now replaces the former C276 is the most common valve material in this grade category. Under UNS, Hastelloy is listed as N10665, particularly C276 which is denoted as N10276, whilst the newer C22 comes are N06022. This corrosion resistant exotic alloy also lists as N10675 N06455. DIN norms also allow for codification of hastelloy under 5 different grades, mainly 2.4617 and 2.4600, but also 2.4602, 2.4819, and more rarely 2.4610. The most common form of cast hastelloy for valves is A494 CW12MW.