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Special Alloy Valves for Corrosive Petrochemical Applications

The Alloy Valve Stockist stocks a broad range of alloy valves, in ball, globe, check, butterfly and knife configurations. As a valve stockist, we hold valves in titanium, hastelloy, duplex, super duplex, monel, incoloy, inconel, alloy 20, both in stock and can also deliver against tight lead times.

Alloys are made in many qualitied and forms: forged, cast, bar stock and other standards that are suitable for valve manufacturing. In order to unify the description of the material, you will often see the use of the Unified Numbering System denoted by the three-letter "UNS" tag prior to a single-letter plus five-digit code, such as UNS N04400 for monel, or UNS S32750 for Super Duplex.

A prefix of S indicates stainless steel alloys, C for copper, brass, or bronze alloys, T for tool steels, etc. The first three digits often match older three-digit numbering systems, while the last two digits indicate more modern variations. For example, Copper Alloy No. 377 (forging brass) in the original three-digit system became C37700 in the UNS System. The UNS is managed jointly by the ASTM International and SAE International . A UNS number alone does not constitute a full material specification because it establishes no requirements for material properties, heat treatment, form, or quality.

Customers are welcome to identify their material requirements by using the UNS when enquiring for our exotic alloy valves:

Duplex valves
UNS S31805

Super Duplex valves
UNS S32750 & S72760

Alloy 20 valves
B462 N08020

Monel valves
B564 N04400 & N05500

Inconel valves
B564 N06600 & N06625

Incoloy valves
B564 N08800, N08810 & N08825

Hastelloy valves
B574 N10276 & N06022

Titanium valves
B381 Gr. 2, 5 & 7

904L valves
B649 N08904

254 SMO valves
A276 S31254

AL6XN valves
B688 N08367

Nickel valves
B160 N02200 & N02201

Uranus B6 and S1 valves
B649 N08904

Zirconium valves
B493 R60702 & R60705

Aluminium Bronze valves
UNS C95400

6Moly valves
UNS N08926 6Mo molybdenum

Enquiries: For quotations or further information about The Alloy Valve Stockist products, please contact our Sales Team, headed by Heather Smith (Marketing and Sales Manager), by phone +34-934351672 or by email: alloy-valves@alloy-valves.com

Download our catalogue: Corrosion resistant valve catalogue

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